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International Protein is an Australian-based supplements company regarded as one of the leading players on the market. The founder Christine Envall built this company over five key pillars which are followed by even to this very day:

  • Taste
  • Quality
  • Affordability
  • Results
  • Flexibility

…and every decision that International Protein makes has to be in accordance with these five basic principles. What’s more, International Protein does not settle for less. They engineer their products using ground-breaking science, cutting-edge organoleptic (flavour to texture relation) research, and a firsthand touch with more than 16 years of experience in the bodybuilding niche. Simply stated, Christine knows what’s up, and her brand is here to stay for a long, long time.


International Protein features a variety of products, which can be distilled into three separate categories:

  • Performance enhancing products
  • Natural Products
  • Ready to go products

All of these supplements are unique in a way that can provide gains, fat-loss, and focus for International Protein’s loyal customer base worldwide. The most popular blends include:


Amino acids are the building blocks of protein molecules. This is important because it defeats the misconception that protein supplementation alone is the only solution to becoming muscular and healthy. This is simply not true. You cannot build a house without using, let’s say bricks and mortar – which consequently applies to building muscles as well. But, what about firing up those bricks in a furnace? Well, by using this simple analogy, we can say that the amino acids are to protein like the firing process is to bricks. This notion has to be followed, or the house would fall apart in a heartbeat.

But digression aside, Amino Charged WPI contains all essential amino acids that the body needs in order to work as smoothly and perfectly as possible during training. What’s more, WPI is chock full of BCAAs, which are crucial in maintaining lean muscle power during a strenuous exercise. BCAAs are one of the major factors that aid in preserving muscle tissue after a tear caused by prolonged and rigorous training.


The International Protein Pro Nut Spread is made with real chocolate (and original peanut spread) featuring no added salt or sugar. And despite all of that, it still tastes absolutely awesome. But what is Pro Nut Spread’s main strength?

This product contains WPI + oleic acid – a killer combination to carry users’ pumps to the next level. What’s more, adding oleic acid into your diet can lead to a major decrease in LDL (bad) cholesterol, and a significant increase in HDL (good) cholesterol levels. And not only that, but oleic acid can help with improving high blood pressure and reducing the risk of breast cancer.


International Protein Iso-Pea is the definitive substitute to whey protein in the long haul. This is mainly true because Pea protein is oftentimes misunderstood and its benefits – overlooked and neglected. But, as it turns out, pea protein is everything but that: it packs an unparalleled amino acid profile (including BCAAs), it’s great for lessening workout-induced soreness, and it’s completely dairy and gluten-free!

Bottom line, International Protein Iso-Pea is an excellent – and possibly healthier alternative to whey and casein protein supplements.

Still undecided? Feel free to contact us and we’ll be more than glad to assist in pairing you with the best program for your unique fitness goals. No robots, no spam, all value.