Spartan Labs Mega Mass

Spartan Labs Mega Mass - Second To None Nutrition
Spartan Labs Mega Mass - Second To None Nutrition
Spartan Labs Mega Mass - Second To None Nutrition
Spartan Labs Mega Mass - Second To None Nutrition
Spartan Labs

Spartan Labs Mega Mass

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Spartan Labs Mega Mass is a powerful testosterone booster that contains sufficient amounts of 6-Ketoprogesterone to pump you up with power when it’s needed the most.

The team at Spartan Labs – through rigorous testing and active application – has made the best natural testosterone supplement currently available on the market. This potent formula will provide gains, power, energy, focus, strength, and most importantly – a desire to subdue iron to ‘bend’ at your will.

No more ‘limp’ muscles, lack of energy and focus, or insufficient motivation to hold onto that gym membership that's been sitting in your pocket for so long. Mega Mass will solve all of those issues and more – AND provide you with all the gains you're looking for – Spartan style.


Has this ever happened to you? You brush your hand off an innocent-looking green plant – only to feel a stingy sensation afterwards? If so, you’ve most likely had an encounter with the stinging nettle plant, which surprisingly enough – holds numerous benefits for the human body.

Stinging nettle is a perennial plant that helps in treating several illnesses and conditions; its most popular form is that of the stinging nettle tea – which is used to remedy against various seasonal allergies.

Stinging nettle – or in the scientific community known as urtica dioica – is a perennial flowering plant that, well, stings upon contact with the human skin. Stinging properties aside, however, this herb battles different types of inflammation, as its many benefits spread far and wide. For instance, the urtica dioica helps with alleviating breathing difficulties, treating urinary tract problems, and aiding in enlarged prostate issues as well.

In continuation, it can be added that the stinging nettle has antimicrobial, antioxidant, astringent, analgesic, and antiulcer properties.

On top of that, this perennial plant has been used to treat muscle and joints pain, arthritis, eczema, anemia – but also as a diuretic to naturally and safely lower existing high blood pressure.

Stinging Kettle’s top [3] benefits include:

1) Treating BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) and Urinary Ailments

When the prostate enlarges, it starts pressing against the urethra which in turn leads to a condition called BPH. BPH features a number of unwanted symptoms, including an increased urge to urinate, pains while urinating, reduced flow, and other.

Stinging nettle contains chemical compounds that alleviate all of those symptoms – leading to a normal bladder functioning and a happy and fulfilled life. In addition to treating urinary problems, an extract from this beneficial herb battles against spreading of cancer cells in the prostate.

2) Alleviating Hay Fever

When various seasonal allergies ‘hit’ the immune system – the body responds by producing histamine in large quantities to battle these maladies. This process creates inflammation and ‘clogs’ many systems that are crucial to the normal, everyday functioning of the concerned individual – causing sneezing, congestion, secretion of mucus, and more.

Here is when Urtica dioica comes into play; this plant contains many helpful enzymes that stop these hay fever symptoms dead in their tracks. More importantly, the stinging nettle contains histamine atop its leaves, so when the body depletes its histamine levels – the plant immediately ‘injects’ more histamine upon consumption.

In other words: bye bye hay fever – and hello healing!

3) Remedying Osteoarthritis and Joints Pain

Individuals affected by arthritis often report pain in the joints, hips, spine, and other similar areas in the body. Stinging nettle works together with other substances to alleviate the pain and subside the symptoms caused by this condition.

Spartan Labs Mega Mass contains added stinging nettle for additional benefits and more potent results.


Servings per container – 60

Serving size – 3 ml

Quantity per serving (100 g):

Energy – 353 kJ

Protein – 0 g

Fat – 0 g

Carbohydrates – 0 g

Sodium – less than 5 mg

Potassium – less than 5 mg

Glycerol – 16.5 g  

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