International Protein Extreme Mass

International Protein Extreme Mass
International Protein Extreme Mass - Second To None Nutrition
International Protein Extreme Mass - Second To None Nutrition
International Protein Extreme Mass - Second To None Nutrition
International Protein Extreme Mass
International Protein Extreme Mass - Second To None Nutrition
International Protein Extreme Mass - Second To None Nutrition
International Protein Extreme Mass - Second To None Nutrition
International Protein

International Protein Extreme Mass

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International Protein Extreme Mass is an advanced weight gainer formula specifically made to build mass, repair muscles, and provide a sustainable release of energy for a productive and higher-quality workout. This product is formulated with five different protein types, a unique carbohydrate matrix, and a healthy dosage of the clinically approved Canola, Sunflower oil, and MCT oils. The inclusion of these highly potent compounds allows the body to maintain a prolonged anabolic state for maximum energy and strength while you train.

IP Extreme Mass provides the following highlights:

  • Formulated as a highly anabolic calorie complex
  • Contains high energy MCT oils
  • Enriched with multi-phase release proteins & carbs
  • Contains ZERO gluten
  • Awesome texture & delicious taste

In addition to these benefits, Extreme Mass by International Protein contains a superior amino acid profile as well. This amino acid matrix promotes healthy muscle growth while keeping your energy at peak levels while training.


Extreme Mass by International Protein is not just a carbohydrate-stuffed product marketed as a mass gainer; Extreme Mass is, in fact, a genuine weight gainer rich in calories and additional protein as well. If you’re familiar with how the body works, you’d know that building lean muscle mass requires additional calories than you’d get just from foods alone. This is where Extreme Mass excels.

To this extent, carbohydrates and protein provide roughly the same amounts of energy with the slight difference being that carbs are utilised faster than protein while working out. Besides these two types of macronutrients, Extreme Mass packs a considerable punch by including fast burning MCT Oils to increase the amount of energy that you’re getting from each serving. MCT Oils are rich in saturated fats, but they don’t contain the fatty acids responsible for cardiovascular disease and other heart-related ailments. Plus, Extreme Mass includes a blend of sunflower oils & Canola to counteract the saturated fat content and allow for a smooth ride down the road.

In other words: Extreme Mass packs a considerable amount of calories without it being harmful in the slightest bit.


Whey Protein Concentrate

Whey protein concentrate is the first iteration of the cheese-making process, during which the liquid form of milk gets separated from the other major milk components. WPC is good because it contains up to 80% of protein in the form of peptides that are absolutely crucial for the proper development of the muscles.   

Whey Protein Isolate

This is the second step of the above-mentioned cheese-making process, during which WPC gets further purified into Whey Protein Isolate. This protein type (WPI) is similar to WPC, but it differs in relation to the time needed for it to be broken down by the body upon intake. Bottom line, WPI is a faster-acting protein type than WPC, and it contains a purer chemical structure as opposed to whey protein concentrate.

Hydrolysed Whey Protein Isolate (Whey Peptides)

This type of protein is the third iteration of the cheese-making process, in which WPI gets further broken down into Hydrolysed Whey Protein. HWP is a pre-digested type of WPI that releases amino acids at a rapid rate upon consumption. This makes HWP excellent for trainers who are looking for fast and reliable results without compromising the quality of their respective diets.

Micellar Casein (Milk Protein Isolate)

Micellar Casein is a slow-acting type of protein that stays longer in your system than all the other types of protein combined. Casein in general is facilitated from the curds found in milk, and to this extent Casein can be understood as the total opposite of WPC, WPI, and HWP as well (which are produced from the other, liquid portion of milk). The benefits of Casein are numerous, and include:

  • Improvements in post-resistance training gains
  • Builds muscle while you sleep/rest
  • Provides satiety and prevents food cravings which can lead to unhealthy diet habits  

Egg Albumen

Egg Albumen is the white portion of eggs without the yellow portion (the yolk). This type of protein is excellent for achieving lean muscle gains because it provides all the necessary nutrients – without including any cholesterol or trans-fats (the bad fatty molecules). To this extent, Extreme Mass includes Egg Albumen in its formulation to bring a solid balance between the other four protein types and enhance their impact by a significant margin.

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