Cellucor C4

Cellucor C4 - Second To None Nutrition
Cellucor C4 - Second To None Nutrition
Cellucor C4 - Second To None Nutrition
Cellucor C4 - Second To None Nutrition

Cellucor C4

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Cellucor C4 is a powerful pre-workout formula specifically crafted to promote extreme energy, laser-sharp focus, and explosive motivation all at the same time. C4 is suitable for both beginner trainers and professional athletes alike. In fact, Cellucor C4 has helped hundreds of thousands of competitors to transform their ambitions into world-class achievements, and it continues to provide unparalleled support for athletes to this very day.


Cellucor C4 is a pre-workout that energises, rejuvenates, and provides unparalleled focus to take your fitness form to a whole other level. Fact is, this formula contains some of the most potent ingredients to be featured in a pre-workout, which makes C4 a blast – no pun intended. Plus, these ingredients work in unison to give you an edge in both athletic performance and muscle pumps as well.


This product contains the following major ingredients:

Beta Alanine

Scientifically speaking, Beta Alanine is a non-essential, non-proteinogenic amino acid the body makes through a chemical process that involves the liver. During extreme bouts of physical exertion however, muscle Carnosine levels get depleted, and it is advisable to replenish them through external Beta Alanine supplementation. Besides replenishing muscle carnosine levels, Beta Alanine provides the following additional benefits for the body:

  • Extreme muscle strength and power
  • More muscle mass
  • Better anaerobic and aerobic endurance
  • More energy to train harder for longer

Here’s how it works.

When we’re subjected to extreme physical stress, especially that of a high intensity exercise, our bodies become overwhelmed with hydrogen ions. This leads to our muscles experiencing a significant drop in pH levels, causing them to become more acidic as our exercise goes by. This process is happening regardless of whether or not you’re experiencing a muscle burn.

Secondly, the high H+ levels become prevalent in the glycolysis energy system, which produces lactic acid as a side effect of great physical exertion. Once lactic acid becomes prevalent in the body, it causes an additional spike in H+ levels, which consequently causes pH levels to drop. This drop negatively impacts the muscles ability to contract and expand and ultimately hampers your physicality by a large stretch of a margin. This is where Beta-Alanine supplementation comes into play.

Simply speaking, Beta Alanine plays a major role in kick-starting carnosine synthesis in the muscles. Carnosine on the other hand buffers H+ levels, which leads to a stabilisation in the pH levels in the muscle tissue. Finally, after your pH levels stabilise, your athletic performance increases as well.

Creatine Nitrate

This compound is important for muscle power, strength, and most importantly – muscle size. In fact, about 95% of creatine in your body resides in the heart, brain, and testes. To add, creatine levels significantly drop during, and especially after a workout. This is why it’s absolutely crucial to properly regulate your creatine levels through external supplementation.

Additionally, creatine nitrate is more soluble – and consequently more effective than just creatine alone. Here are some of the benefits of including creatine nitrate into your nutritional plan:

  • Promotes more energy
  • Easily soluble in water
  • Increases muscle size and urges muscle growth
  • Repairs muscle wear and tear
  • Increases the vascularity, and therefore the effectiveness of muscles

In addition to these benefits, creatine nitrate works faster than other creatine types as well.

N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine

The main benefits of this compound revolve around promoting adrenaline and dopamine production in the body. In fact, N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine has been shown to improve mood among individuals affected by altitude and cold.

Further, this compound has been also shown to reverse negative implications of (both physical and mental) stress. When you’re going through acute stressful conditions in life, you experience a decrease in your overall cognitive mental status – and therefore your workout suffers as well. For instance, you will perform significantly worse in your fitness routine if you find yourself sleep deprived, or generally tired. N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine supplementation boosts your physical and mental performance during these conditions, and makes you less prone to further decline in focus.


Caffeine is a widely used mild-stimulant simply because it works. Some of the many benefits of caffeine include:

  • It increases stamina during a workout
  • It detoxifies the liver
  • Caffeine acts as a diuretic, which is excellent for trainers who are looking to get rid of stubborn fat
  • Replenishes muscle glycogen levels faster after training (when taken in conjunction with carbs)
  • It relieves muscle pain after a workout by as much as 50%
  • Increases semen volume in men

…and more. In addition to these benefits, caffeine has been shown to improve logical reasoning and reaction time –– which is absolutely crucial if you want to have a long, hard, and a productive workout as well.

Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)

Vitamin C deficiency can lead to numerous health problems, including muscle weakness, fatigue, and in extreme cases – scurvy. In fact, numerous sailors were known to suffer from scurvy back in the day – all because of the fact that their diets lacked the proper amount of Vitamin C.

Additionally, Vitamin C is a highly water-soluble substance, which immensely helps with Cellucor C4’s texture and taste. The benefits of Vitamin C include:

  • Vitamin C improves heart health, thanks to it improving blood flow, reducing the cholesterol in the blood, and keeps the arteries flexible as well
  • This compound has been shown to regulate blood pressure levels, since it urges the kidneys to release more water and sodium from the body
  • Finally, Vitamin C boosts the immune system and reduces the chances of being affected by viral infections by a significant margin


The answer is no. This product is completely safe to use for healthy adults. If you have an underlying chronic condition, make sure to consult with a healthcare practitioner to determine if you’re eligible of taking this product. Drink plenty of water during your workout, and do not exceed the recommended dose.


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