Axis Labs Myodex

second to none nutrition axis labs myodex
Axis Labs Myodex - Second To None Nutrition
second to none nutrition axis labs myodex
Axis Labs Myodex - Second To None Nutrition
Axis Labs

Axis Labs Myodex

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Axis Labs Myodex is an advanced, precision-formulated testosterone booster. This product is carefully crafted and meticulously engineered to bring REAL results, including boosting testosterone, promoting DHT balance, supporting estrogen levels, and promoting vitality, endurance, and focus. Myodex is not your ordinary test booster, however, since the team at Axis Labs made sure their product is of the highest quality – and suitable for everyone willing to undergo a "masculine" transformation. Axis Labs Myodex is what separates the boys from the men – and it does so by ‘muscling’ its way into your physique – making you stronger, faster, better.

Axis Labs Myodex – do not settle for less than excellence.


Axis Labs Myodex unites several compounds to bring the best to fruition: safely raising testosterone levels, controlling estrogen levels, and suppressing DHT levels. Let’s take a closer look at what each hormone does separately.

Testosterone – this is the “manly” hormone which produces that deep voice, strong upper body, and facial hair at men. Girls have testosterone too, but in smaller amounts compared to males. Thus, by intuition, raising testosterone levels should positively impact your workout, right?


Kind of wrong, and here’s why. As testosterone levels go up, so do other hormones – as they hurry to “join” the party. These hormones are, first estrogen, then DHT. This chemical process works something like this: as the levels of one hormone rise or fall in the body – so do other hormones follow this biological function. This is normal, as it has always been. The problem lies not in the normal biological functioning of the body – but in the results it brings about. Which, needless to say, isn't always desirable.

The thing is, with proper supplementation, dosage, and some tweaking here and there – this process can be used in our favor – to get jacked.


Having increased DHT levels is nothing to worry about – if you’re not planning to get big. If otherwise – then you should be careful how much DHT your body’s producing. The problem with excessive DHT levels is that this hormone ends up ‘attacking’ hair follicles if not controlled. As time goes by, hair follicles cannot withstand the “pressure” by DHT, and so they stop growing new hair.

Additionally, increased testosterone levels means increased estrogen levels – the bodybuilder’s bane.


As soon as DHT and estrogen are produced, there’s no turning back. Essentially, the key to managing their levels is to stop them from ‘flourishing’ altogether – or stop the chemical processes that MADE them in the first place.

Scientifically speaking, this chemical process involves several enzymes, including aromatase and 5a reductase. Aromatase helps in turning testosterone into estrogen, whilst 5a reductase plays a key role in converting testosterone into DHT. This means that keeping your aromatase and 5a reductase levels in check would surmount to better test bioavailability, and thus, an increased muscle growth. Which leads us to:


Myodex by Axis Labs not only supports test levels – but also keeps the other two hormones (DHT and estrogen) in check. Myodex prevents the excessive production of aromatase and 5a reductase – meaning it brings testosterone to its full potency and power.

And if that wasn’t enough, Myodex contains ProtectErone™ -- an advanced proprietary blend that effectively inhibits estrogen and DHT.


Serving Size – 1 Capsule

Servings per Container – 60

Amount per Serving:

ProtecErone (proprietary formula) – 526 mg

DHT Inhibiting Complex

        Serenoa Repens Extract 25% (fatty acids and phytosterols)

        22,23-Dihydrostigmasterol 40% (phytosterol)

Estrogen Inhibiting Complex


        2-(3,4-dihydroxyphenyl)-3,5,7-trihydroxy-4H-chromen-4-one 98%

Other Ingredients: Gelatin, Magnesium Stearate, and Silicon Dioxide

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