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A whey protein blend, what is it exactly?
Well a whey protein blend contains two types of protein, primarily Whey Protein Concentrate, as well as whey protein isolate
This blend is generally suggested for people who want to have a protein as a snack throughout the day at some stage, particularly between main meals. The reason being, whey protein concentrate, is a much closer form of whey, to what is found in dairy sources. It is not quite as refined as something like a whey protein isolate, and as a result, has a slightly higher fat content, as well as a slightly higher amount of lactose. This then naturally slows down the digestion rate, and generally takes about 1.5-2 hours for our body to digest, which is perfect when using as a snack. 
However you can kill two birds with one stone and use this post workout as it does have some whey protein isolate in the blend, and you can reap the benefits without investing in two different protein powders.