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Physique Enhancing Science (PES) puts quality above all, including their brand, marketing, and most importantly – their products. The sports supplements industry is full of companies who puff their chests promoting “top quality products”, but only a handful put their money where their mouths are. In fact, following the GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) is an expensive and complex task, and this is why only a select few of these self-proclaimed “industry leaders” abide by this rule.

The truth of the matter is, not every company that claims they operate under GMP is following the Good Manufacturing Process standard in practice. This is where PES greatly differs.


All manufacturing facilities where PES products are developed must be audited by either in-house professionals, or third-party quality control experts on the spot. Only after these quality assurance experts give the thumbs up after reviewing the manufacturing process does PES’ gears fully set into motion.

In spite of all of that, implementing true GMP standards is not the whole story. Most mediocre companies end up simply implementing GMP and just stop there. Just because a manufacturer operates under GMP does not automatically mean the deliverance of premium quality products. In fact, each and every supplement company that produces, stores, and distributes products from a warehouse is subjected to additional quality standards as well.

Finally, as the saying goes – you get what you pay for; some companies take the easy way out and reduce their expenses by cutting down on quality control and the quality of the products themselves. PEScience’s quality program is anything but that, as reflected through their extensive list of manufacturing quality measures:

  • All staff is trained in accordance with the latest GMP procedures
  • The manufacture is extensively audited and properly qualified
  • All supplements are produced in a true GMP facility
  • All products are packed, stored, and distributed from a true GMP facility
  • Raw materials go through an extensive third-party vendor qualification program
  • All raw materials are checked for pesticides, microbes, purity, and heavy metals before approved for a given product
  • All final products are checked for pesticides, microbes, purity, and heavy metals before packaging
  • Product labels are thoroughly checked for compliance and accuracy
  • Flavours are carefully tested and applied for maximum texture quality and quality upon taste

As you can see, PEScience is very thorough in their efforts to provide the best possible products for an ever-growing lineup of serious athletes and loyal consumers.


The team behind Physique Enhancing Science takes their research and development very seriously. Before products are ready to hit shelves, they’re carefully researched and ‘molded’ in accordance with the latest science; after which, these supplements are finally packed, transparently labeled, and released on the market.

Additionally, PES focuses on quality instead of quantity. This is the main reason behind their relatively small product inventory throughout the past four years in the business – which surmounts to seven high-quality supplements targeting different performance areas. To put things in perspective, other companies may go overboard and flood the market with 10+ sports performance supplements. A true testimony on how PES scales its business without disregarding the suggestions put forth by their loyal customer base.


As industry leaders, Physique Enhancing Science constantly find themselves on the spearhead on scientific innovation. They are careful to follow all latest scientific research on the subject on sports supplements and their impact on an individual user. And for that exact reason, their products often end up as superior relative to other brands on the market.

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