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Mutated Nation is one of the leading high-performance sports nutrition companies to be recognised by the supplements market. They utilise state-of-the-art production facilities in New York, from which they conduct all of their operations following the latest standards in the industry.


Mutated Nation is a strong proponent of premium quality products that meet all standards as driven by the economy of the ever-changing requirements of loyal and new customers alike. Since budgets are not unlimited assets, Mutated Nation strives to offer the best quality possible at the best possible price. This vision is also reflected through their ever-continuing efforts towards following a strict standard in an evolving and dynamic marketplace.


Mutated Nation believes in quality, commitment, and dedication. Consequently, this paradigm can be seen all throughout the production process they vehemently adhere to. Firstly, before production even starts, they carefully pick vendors who bring in the cutting-edge raw materials. In fact, all vendors are required to show a Certificate of Analysis for each raw material to ensure an up-to-standard quality. Then, all values are tested in independent laboratories to substantiate the claims as made in these certificates. What’s more, Mutated Nation pledges that each of the ingredients that go into their products are meticulously tested for both potency and purity as well. And that’s not all.

Additionally, in order to prevent any physical, chemical, or biological contaminants, Mutated Nation has developed their own Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) system. Their quality assurance professionals are busy inspecting all production areas, keeping thorough inspections on a daily basis. This makes Mutated Nation capable of delivering first-rate high sports performance supplements while strictly adhering to the Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) standard.

Finally, Mutated Nation puts the consumers above all else, meaning that the majority of their first-time clients become regular customers.


We at Second To None Nutrition feature several of Mutated Nation’s best-selling sports supplements, which we’ve happily broken down for you below.

Mutated Nation Albutarex V2

Simply stated, Mutated Nation Albutarex V2 is a blast. This product is one of the most potent thermogenic fat burners on the sport supplements market. It features theobromine, higenamine, caffeine, theacrine, and an additional sprinkle of B vitamins to calm the body down when it’s due time. In fact, Albutarex V2 works wonders by increasing the body’s metabolic rate and the time under which you expend energy during a workout as well. And if that wasn’t enough, this highly potent fat-burner is dubbed the Goliath incarnate – since it provides you with a significant surge of energy right when it’s needed the most.

Mutated Nation Hybrid Tea

The Mutated Nation Hybrid Tea did that which many other products failed – it basically managed to conquer the market overnight. And it’s no wonder: Hybrid Tea by Mutated Nation is a highly effective tea distilled straight from the leaves of a shade-grown Gyokuro plant.

Furthermore, this product is chock-full of several ingredients that form a synergistic bond to elevate your fitness game to a whole new level, including Vitamin B, Olive leaf extract, additional digestive enzymes, and the Gyokuro Tea Leaf Extract itself. Consuming Hybrid Tea will cleanse your body from toxins and provide you with energy for crushing those reps in a heartbeat.

Mutated Nation is a proud subsidiary of the international, multi-industrial Mutated Nation Group.