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Muscle Elements is a renowned company whose founders have 45+ years of combined experience in the field of sports nutrition supplements. Two of these founders were the main driving force behind the then startup BSN (Bio-Engineered Supplements & Nutrition). In 2011, BSN was bought out by Glanbia PLC for a staggering $150m, after which the BSN employees decided to build a brand on their own from the grounds up. Thus, Muscle Elements Nutrition was born, and remains one of the leading sports supplements company to this very day.


ME’s mission is to provide their customers with the best sports nutrition supplements in any sports performance field. Basically, the Muscle Elements Nutrition Company follows these three golden credos ever since their inception:

  • Honesty & Quality
  • Innovation
  • Transparency

  • Honesty and quality go hand in hand because the two are interlocked in every imaginable way: without honesty, there can hardly be any quality left. In fact, Muscle Elements are strict proponents of the two and continue to do everything in their power to keep these floating above the, oftentimes – murky waters of the sports supplement industry.


    As we mentioned, the Muscle Elements team is fed up of the lack of transparency in the current supplements industry. As marketing campaigns got more aggressive over the years, the industry began experiencing an overwhelming number of dangerous stimulants that hid their formulas under the proprietary blend cloak. As the cost of raw materials is constantly rising, some brands opt to use this in their advantage and downright refuse to provide transparent labeling on their products. In fact, these actions led to 12 class action lawsuits back in 2014 after the Amino Spiking scandal broke off. Supplement brands were caught ‘cheating’ their way onto shelves and providing consumers with less-than-ideal products than even hurt them in the long run.

    In light of all of the above, it was very easy for the Muscle Elements team to pick honesty and quality above all.


    The ME team has had green-lit innovation ever since the company set its gears in motion. According to them, the supplement industry is comprised of followers following followers. In fact, Muscle Elements has ALWAYS resisted trends when they didn’t believe it boded their mission or vision well. ME believes that spending more on producing their products is far more important than pushing out one underwhelming container after another. They are confident that this will pay off in the long run – both for the quality of their brand, as well as the satisfaction of their customers.


    Muscle Elements has established the TRUST STANDARDTM that proudly sits atop their products and their website as well. This element will enable consumers to learn everything there is to know about the exact product that they are deciding to purchase – in any given time.


    The Muscle Elements 212 fat-burner is strong, potent, and one of the most effective fat-burning products on the market. Some of the benefits of including 212 into your diet include:

    • An incredible boost in your energy levels
    • Immense help with shredding off fat quickly and efficiently
    • Kick-starts the metabolism to work at its finest

    …and much, much more. In fact, Muscle Elements 212 will provide you with an astounding improvement in your mental focus as well – crucial for crushing those reps.

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