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If you’re a serious lifter, you need muscle building supplements to support your growth and recovery. It can be hard to stay on your nutrition goals on a ‘real food’ diet. Real foods can be inconvenient to carry around and digest if you eat around six to eight meals a day. Muscle building supplements are inevitable if you’re serious about your gains.

Muscle building supplements include protein powders, mass gainers, BCAAs and every other supplement that help in gaining muscle mass. Protein supplements are incredibly effective in building muscle mass when taken right after a workout since your body is in a state where it absorbs nutrients at the highest pace.

Muscle building doesn’t end at protein powder supplements. If you looking to build muscle, you should be supplementing with mass gainer. Mass gainers are a great way of increasing your carb intake while maintaining your nutrition intake ratios. There are many products available on the market with different nutrient composition to suit your needs.

Supporting supplements like amino acids, test boosters, etc. are also helpful in building muscle mass. They play their unique important roles in supporting recovery and increasing the rate of building muscle mass.