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Maximum Human Performance (MHP) is a science-driven sports supplement company that has helped athletes reach their goals for the last 20 years. What’s more, MHP’s professional development team is always on the lookout for new ways to improve sports performance; hence, their products undergo a meticulous testing process to ensure that they are always high-quality. Utilising the latest science and employing premium ingredients, MHP develops superior sports supplements enjoyed by thousands around the world. Ever since their foundation back in 1997 – MHP has continued to deliver unbeatable results for pro athletes in every sport under the sun.


Maximum Human Performance supplements are grounded in the latest science. They are constantly re-evaluating their approaches against the market norm – and their products always come up on top. In fact, MHP has joined efforts with some Universities to perform research of the full formulas – as opposed to testing one ingredient at a time. To this extent, MHP utilises advanced technology to build their product flavourings from the ground up. All MHP formulations feature components, texture, ingredients, and flavours that provide the user with a pleasurable experience while staying true to their positive effects on the human body.


MHP Nutrition endorses several pro athletes, all of which true professionals in their respective disciplines in which they excel:

Chris Bumstead

Chris is a Canadian-born pro bodybuilder that has become a respected name among the bodybuilding community worldwide. Chris built his body thanks to the exercises he performed as a teenager – namely training for football, basketball, and running track in high school. At the age of 19, Chris Bumstead took participation in the first bodybuilding competition and found his true calling there on the spot. Chris hasn’t stopped competing ever since.

Marc Megna

This athlete is a true power incarnate, and despite all of this – he’s still managed to remain one of the most humble sportsmen in and around the Miami area. Chris is a former NFL football player and is currently certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association because of his extensive expertise in the sports nutrition field. During the years, Marc has helped hundreds of pros to battle through injuries, stress, and psychological downsides to attain their professional fitness goals. Marc Megna is a prolific health & wellness blog writer as well.

Melanie Tillbrook

Melanie is revered as one of the best fitness competitors in Honolulu, Hawaii – and one of the smartest entrepreneurs in the sports supplement industry as well. To this extent, Melanie is a proud co-owner of Anatomy of 1220, a fitness club located in the sunny Miami Beach. Melanie is not all looks and muscles, however; she holds a Bachelor’s degree from the Florida State University in marketing, and a proud student of modern dance. During the years, she appeared on the covers of renowned magazines such as Maxim, various catalogues, TV shows, and even films.


As stated above, MHP products are nothing short of amazing, with MHP Reckless being the most popular one out of their supplements lineup.


MHP RECKLESS is a clinically tested pre-workout that will knock your socks right off – on the first try. Reckless is not for the faint of heart since it contains ingredients that only advanced users can fully enjoy, appreciate, and most importantly – properly use to their advantage. In fact, Reckless is an effective formulation you would never think you’d need until you tried.

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