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LG Sciences is a renowned company that utilises the raw power of the primordial human urges to produce the best sports supplements on the high sports performance market. LG Sciences is proudly inspired by the Legal Gear brand. They represent all that’s best for the contemporary man without offending the powerful primordial man. Their supplements are produced by a dedicated team of people who tirelessly work to push the boundaries of modern science and achieve what was deemed impossible by skeptics mere several years back. LG Sciences is committed to providing the best possible products for their loyal customer base, while supporting their decision to eat healthy and exercise like a beast!


LG Sciences is a cornerstone where the latest nutritional science meets cutting-edge supplements to ensure a 100% satisfied consumer. In fact, it should go without a saying that a satisfied consumer is a loyal customer as well, and LG Sciences constantly work to better themselves in order to bring their brand to the next level.


LG Sciences’ best-selling product comes in the form of the BULK ANDRO KitTM, and boy does it deliver. This powerful prohormones and cofactors stack is everything a bodybuilding pro athlete could ask for, and more. The Bulk ANDRO Kit combines ingredients such as 4-DHEA, 1-Androstenolone, and M1D Andro among many others to up the ante and bring your workout to the next level.

Stop “bulking around”, and start bulking properly with the Bulking ANDRO Kit by LG Sciences.


Their second best-selling supplement kit is the powerful CUTTING ANDRO Kit™ which does NOT disappoint in the least. This formulation contains a Stanolone legal prohormone that helps with reducing fat and promotes a healthier and denser body.

Additionally, CUTTING ANDRO includes 1–Androstenolone as well. This prohormone is similar to 1-Testosterone, the only difference being it’s leaner, cleaner, and more potent than its cousin – 1-Testosterone.


LG Sciences is a pioneer in the prohormones industry and a proud founder of the CYCLOSOME DELIVERYTM system. Scientifically speaking, this cutting-edge proprietary process works thanks to the entrapment of hydrophobic prohormones (and other T-boosting ingredients) in the form of water-soluble Prohormone–cyclodextrin (CD) in the liposomes. Furthermore, this process combines the advantages of CDs into one system – the one and only CYCLOSOME DELIVERYTM system.

Simply put, think of this process like a Trojan Horse which goal is to pass through the liver intact and unscathed. Other products would simply have the liver obliterate the above-stated compound in a matter of seconds upon entering your system. If CD gets destroyed before it does its thing – the potential benefits would be negated as well. Not with LG Sciences’ innovative process in place.

In fact, the CYCLOSOME DELIVERYTM allows the Trojan Horse we spoke about to deliver T-boosters and prohormones via the intestinal lymphatic route – straight to the systemic circulation where it’s most needed. This circumvents the first-pass inactivation in the liver and delivers testosterone in the circulation system easily and efficiently – which was previously deemed impossible by other T-boosting products that claimed to have this same effect.

Or in even simpler words: athletes can now enjoy the full benefits of testosterone boosting compounds without losing their potency in the process of doing so!

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