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Most women in the gym don’t see results because they use products made for men. Men and women are genetically different on all levels. The supplements made keeping men in mind will never be as effective on women. Supplement companies have realized this and come out with female range of supplements.

Women range of supplements are designed keeping the female hormones in mind. These supplements have ingredient ratios which are easy for women to digest. Dedicated female supplements are hot on the market due to their results. Everything from protein powders to fat burners for women are available on the market.

Girls today go head to head with guys in the gym. It won’t be fair to give them supplements which won’t support their workouts and recovery. If you’re serious about your gains, make sure you’re taking girl supplements that are apt for your needs. The days where girls took guy supplement are behind us.

Some girls believe taking male supplements will give them better results. This is complete BS. Taking male supplement will in turn slow down your progress. Almost all male supplements on the market now have a female counterpart. This is a big step towards promoting a fit lifestyle among girls.