International Protein Glutamine

International Protein Glutamine - Second To None Nutrition
International Protein Glutamine - Second To None Nutrition
International Protein

International Protein Glutamine

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Glutamine by International Protein is an advanced L-Glutamine formula that contains 100% pure natural fermented L-Glutamine to bring your workout to the next level. Glutamine is one of the most abundant amino acids that populate the skeletal muscle tissue, making up to 60% of the total content in it. Plus, Glutamine is the main amino acid that is being utilised during a workout, and this fact alone makes Glutamine a very valuable compound for professional trainers to include it in their diets.

Additionally, Glutamine can be obtained either through Glutamine-rich foods or Glutamine supplementation. Pulling in Glutamine through your diet is okay, as long as you’re not training yourself to exhaustion. For everyone else who’s leaving their blood and sweat on the iron – Glutamine supplementation is an absolute imperative.

Here’s a brief list of some of Glutamine numerous benefits:

  • Glutamine is shown to improve recovery rates after a hard and demanding exercise
  • Glutamine prevents muscle protein breakdown and paves a road for lean muscle growth
  • It has also been shown to increase muscle protein synthesis and promote bigger cell volume
  • Finally, Glutamine boosts the immune system and provides additional support to your energy levels, stamina, endurance, strength, and your levels of motivation as well


The Glutamine found in this product is made via state-of-the-art, cutting-edge, and most importantly – natural fermentation process, exceeded by a gentle extraction + advanced purification to make the most potent and pure L-Glutamine on the market.

In particular, International Protein is made by using 100% natural processes that don’t involve any kind of chemicals or other harmful compounds such as methanol or ammonia. Because of this fact, Glutamine by International Protein has a cleaner flavour, lighter smell, and a better after-taste than synthetic Glutamine.


100% Pure Fermented L-Glutamine

This is the bread and butter, the alpha and omega, the yin and yang of this product. In order to shatter any misunderstandings, however, we’ll start with the basics of Glutamine, proceed with the latest scientific findings, and wrap up with the major reasons of why should you include this potent amino acid into your nutritional plan.

L-Glutamine Basics

First off, you might be wondering why that “L” in stands in front of Glutamine; to understand this, we have to understand the basics of amino acids in general and the different forms in which they come.

Briefly, amino acids are organic compounds defined as the building blocks of protein, just as the bricks are the building blocks of a house. Amino acids can be found in two forms: a “D” and an “L” form. Scientifically speaking, the majority of amino acids are L-stereoisomers, meaning the isomer group attaches to the left side of these amino acids. However, there are D-amino acids as well, which feature the isomer group on the right side of their chemical structure. Since the majority of amino acids are L-stereoisomers, we’ll leave out the “D” ones for now.

With that being said, L-Glutamine is an amino acid (notice the “L” part) that can be found naturally in the body (we’re going to use L-Glutamine and Glutamine interchangeably, since both of these terms denote the same amino acid). Plus, L-Glutamine gets depleted if the body undergoes through rigorous physical activities (intense workout before a bodybuilding competition or a professional athletic event), and this fact defines L-Glutamine as a conditionally essential amino acid. When an amino acid is conditionally essential (as opposed to essential or non-essential) – it means that trainers must use external supplementation to meet their daily needs of that exact amino acid. L-Glutamine therefore becomes an essential amino acid after a hard and intense workout session that drains the body of this compound. But, how does L-Glutamine work?

As said, L-Glutamine is mainly produced in the muscles (granted all previous conditions are met), after which it gets distributed by the blood throughout all the organs that need it. Then, L-Glutamine works its magic and provides the different tissues with a number of benefits that can have a solid impact over the long haul (plus, L-Glutamine is needed for the body to produce other amino acids and glucose as well).   

L-Glutamine Scientific Research and Benefits

Briefly, as backed by science, L-Glutamine provides the following benefits:

  • It helps to repair ulcers, leaky gut, and other stomach conditions
  • It provides additional support to focus, memory, and immensely aids with the decision-making process as well
  • L-Glutamine is shown to improve athletic performance and recovery in endurance exercise
  • It also plays a crucial role in improving blood sugar control among individuals affected by type 2 diabetes

More closely, L-Glutamine provides these benefits by acting as the fallback compound of the body, meaning it immediately takes over when other mechanisms fail or miss to do their job. One of these benefits includes detoxifying and cleansing the body from excess ammonia. In detail, L-Glutamine acts as a buffer and transforms the high levels of ammonia in the body into other compounds, including amino sugars, other amino acids, and urea.

In addition, approximately one hour of continuous exercise can cause a 40% drop in L-Glutamine levels in the body. Plus, a rigorous exercise can lead to a pocket of impaired immune function to which the body is more vulnerable to both internal and external attacks. In addition, a suppressed immunity means all sorts of trouble for your training and if not properly addressed – it can ultimately lead to overtraining, injury, and other unwanted outcomes.

Finally, L-Glutamine supplementation can provide positive effects to long-distance athletes as well. This compound does the former by boosting the immune system and leading to a better functioning of the T-Helper cells. This impact on the T-Helper cells may help athletes with battling exhaustion, reduce the overall stress of the hard and demanding physical resistance, and reduce the chances of being affected by overtraining. A scientific study by Chu CC et al supports these findings.


Yes. You can include Glutamine by IP Nutrition into your diet without the fear of major consequences for your health. Make sure to consult with your healthcare provider beforehand. Do not exceed the recommended dose.


Serving Size: 1.9g

Servings per Container: 263

Quantity Per 1.9g Serve:

Energy – 32 kj / 8 Cal

Protein – 1.9g

Fat (total) – 0g

Fat (saturated) – 0g

Carbohydrate (total) – 0g

Carbohydrate (sugars) – 0g

Sodium – 0mg

Potassium – 0mg

Ingredients: 100% Pure Fermented L-Glutamine.

Directions for use: Take 1.9g (1/2 tsp) immediately after exercise.

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