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Athlete Certified Nutrition is a global sports nutrition company that puts consumers’ safety above all. This is why their team takes extra caution and features rigorous tests to certify their own line of high-performance sports nutrition products.


ACN is one of the first major nutrition brands to receive an athlete driven certification among its ranks. This program includes:

Rigorous Qualification

Raw material suppliers are held to the utmost scrutiny by undergoing rigorous performance reviews and tests. To this extent, Athlete Certified Nutrition employs specialised teams that overlook the production processes and determine if improvements in a certain area need to be made. These teams also audit against Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to ensure 100% compliance with all regulations and assess if quality standards are always up to par.

Quality Assurance

ACN employs another team to monitor and perform a multitude of quality control tests – overlooking a wide array of checks from raw stock to late production stages. In addition, these teams also test for various environmental contaminants and reinforce a rule to strict certification adherence to regulatory practices as well. According to this rule, all products must exactly match the claims as made in the corresponding product labels.

Seal of Approval

Athlete Certified Nutrition takes extra precaution and delegates lab work to independent labs to double-down on possible banned substances in given ACN products. All certified ACN products receive the “tested and true” seal, which is a true staple of quality in the sports supplements industry.


Athlete Certified Nutrition wants to ensure a 100% satisfaction rate for customers that are opting to use their products. They reinforce this notion by utilising state-of-the-art ingredient control and impeccable quality assurance for as long as the company stood ground. Finally, ACN’s rigorous internal control is what makes this brand highly competitive in the current sports supplements market.


ACN features a wide range of high-quality products to aid in your workout, recovery, and muscle growth. We’ve broken down Athlete Certified Nutrition’s most popular supplement below.


ACN Athlete Certified Nutrition Carniplex is a powerful and potent fat-burner that helps with stimulating growth as well. This product works by triggering the mechanisms responsible for converting fat to energy in the body. In fact, including ACN Carniplex in your diet not only works wonders for the body, but is beneficial for the inner workings of the brain as well. Carniplex plays a significant role in enhancing focus, memory, and alleviating the negative effects of a brain fog during the day.


Besides growth and significant improvements in strength, ACN Carniplex is known to have additional benefits as well. These include:

Alleviating symptoms of atherosclerosis

Carniplex supplementation can help remove unpleasant symptoms due to atherosclerosis such as strains across different areas on the body, decreased blood flow in the legs, intense pain after a moderate amount of walking, and more. In addition, Carniplex may also help lower the risk of getting injured during an intense workout session at the gym.

Fighting off Hyperthyroidism symptoms

Enlarged thyroid (sometimes referred to as a ‘goiter’) can cause a wide range of different symptoms in the body, including weight loss, irritability, bone breakdown, cardiovascular problems, and more. Thanks to the N-Acetyl-L-Carnitine found in ACN Carniplex, supplementation with this specially designed formula can alleviate some or all of the previously mentioned symptoms for a healthier outlook on life.

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