Victory Labs Native Greens

Greens Formulas, why are they so important?

As you can gather from the name of the product, native greens is a natural formula of which contains 29 ingredients. These ingredients are crucial for everyday health and well being let alone for anyone looking to improve their physique.
Formulated to enhance many areas, this particular blend contains phytonutrients obtained from greens, reds and superfoods, all in extract form to improve bio-availability. These ingredients hold a significant importance to alkalise, detoxify and boost health and vitality. It also contains a probiotic blend aid further aid in gut health, improving digestion and utilisation of nutrients.

By alkalising our body we enable our body's ability to utilise nutrients in food sources as digestion becomes much more efficient. We also improve natural energy levels, and maintain youthfulness in our skin.

Detoxify the body is crucial in order to remove harmful toxins from our system, particularly liver and kidneys. There are many benefits to this, particularly improving skin clarity, improved utilisation of nutrients and improving overall health, limiting illnesses.

Health and vitality is improved through all the ingredients, as through improvement in digestion, we have less waste sitting in our system, causing a build up of toxins. The detoxifying benefits will remove these few toxins much faster, the probiotic will also aid in gut health and digestion. all in all, less risk of illness as our body is functioning optimally in all aspects.

By improving these actions we enable utilisation of nutrients, and therefore more of what we want in our system, and less of what we don't want! 


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